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Pappadums / tandoor cooked - 3
Fried cauliflower salad (v) - 12
Not fried chicken wings - 12
Fries (v) - 6
Curry fries (v) - 8


 family recipes 

These dishes celebrates the culinary heritage of our chef, Mr Tapos Singha and his side-kick at BANG, Mr Goni Boss. First-come-first-served basis. Currently serving a Chicken Masala Curry and a Red Lentil Daal. 

world famous 'Roadies'

Chicken - 12

butter chicken, tomato, cucumber, coriander, roti

Steak - 12

steak, cheese sauce, onion bhaji, pickle, rocket, roti

Lamb - 12

lamb, spiced yogurt, onion, pickle, mint, coriander, roti

Paneer - 12

tikka masala paneer, lettuce, crispy eschallot, coriander, roti



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